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VP Masterclass for producers

– workflow, budgeting and scheduling for Virtual Production

Produced by Kulturakademin in collaboration with VP Nordic and Film i Väst. Supported by Film i Skåne, Västra Götalandsregionen and Region Halland


In the past years, Virtual Production has suffered from a non-realistic marketing campaign, where the hype and the promises, have created a wrong understanding of the real possibilities of this new way of making films. This has affected the initial decision-making when budgeting and scheduling for virtual production that creates a snow-ball effect on the rest of the production. Agustin Cossa will delve into the reality of the production for VP showcasing a three-tier production template that can be used to frame the many different challenges of virtual production into a scheduling and budgeting approach with guaranteed predictability and assurance transforming VP into a real cost-effective and traditional-centred way to making VFX.

" If planned accordingly, virtual production is a tool that allows a much more traditional filmmaking exercise for VFX, keeping the teams small, with direct communications and a much more dynamic workflow"

Agustín Cossa

Self study before the Masterclass:

  • At least watch the first episode of Masters of the Air which is free on AppleTV+ 

To guarantee a seat for the Masterclass you must apply and be selected. 

This masterclass welcomes Producers, The masterclass is free of charge.

Questions about the Masterclass?

Welcome to contact Erik Bergstrand, erik@kulturakademin.com

Virtual Production supervisor

Agustín Cossa

Agustín Cossa career began working with Lux Machine in Masters of the Air. He then joined major VFX house DNEG to help them build their virtual production department. Cossa has worked amongst others in Coyote vs Acme, No Way Up, the remake of Terry Gillian's Time Bandits, the new take on Yo Gabba Gabba by Apple TV+ and the last film by Robert Zemeckis, HERE, where he led the virtual production team to accomplish a new achievement in the history of real-time VFX


Johannes Skoog and Rasmus Eriksson

Johannes Skoog and Rasmus Eriksson are the founders of VP Nordic - which offers flexible solutions in Virtual Production (VP) in Scandinavia. VP, a technology where digital environments and visual effects are created and manipulated in real-time during filming, provides filmmakers with a unique opportunity to see and interact with these elements directly on the set. This contributes to greater creative freedom and efficiency in film production.

In collaboration with Kulturakademin, Rasmus and Johannes, who both have a background in film and broadcast, have taken a step towards sharing their knowledge in VP  through education. Their partnership with Kulturakademin and Film i Väst is driven by a vision to enhance the level of knowledge within the industry and in Västra Götaland. It also aims to bring forward new perspectives and innovative approaches, while contributing to the development of more sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods.


Skriv ut
30 maj 2024

14:00 - 16:30

Virtual Production supervisor
Agustín Cossa
Johannes Skoog and Rasmus Eriksson
Producenter, linjeproducenter
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Antal platser
25 st
Online via Zoom

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26 maj 2024

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