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Storytelling in Theatre

– a one-day workshop with playwright, director & actress Corinne Jaber

Kulturakademin in collaboration with Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival and Folkteatern. Supported by Västra Götalandsregionen and Region Halland.


"My work as an actress, writer and also director has over the years crystallized into exploring how stories, to do with the world we live in, can find a theatrical expression. How a story can be told in the simplest, most direct, and truthful way. This workshop will be for professional acters, playwrights, directors and dramaturgs and the purpose are for the participants to learn how to develop their storytelling and take it to higher levels. Our goal is to find the tools we need to take a story and make it into a small piece of theatre, exploring the different forms a story can take."

Course structure

"I would ask each participant of the workshop to come with a five minute long story they connect to and consider relevant. They should come prepared to tell us the story in a way that we can engage with as an audience. From this pool of stories, we will select 3 stories on which we will work together with in smaller groups. We would be looking at developing dramaturgy through improvisation as well as through quick writing exercises, making use of movement, voice, and sound as equal forms of expression to find a way to tell the story as honest, direct and engaging as possible. So, arrive in clothes that you feel free to move in. The most important part about the story you bring, is that it is something meaningful that you have a connection to and want to work with. You can work with it as an actor, director, dramaturg or writer. Or, why not, all of the above?" Corinne Jaber

Who can apply?

Professional acters, playwrights, directors and dramaturgs.

Important to know!

The workshop is held in English.

Questions about the workshop?

Welcome to contact Sassa Wickman, sassa@kulturakademin.com.

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Workshop leader

Corinne Jaber

Corinne Jaber (playwright, director & actress) is of Syrian and German heritage and was born in Munich and raised in Canada and Germany. She is an award-winning actress as well as a writer and director and has been part of many international theatre productions in English as well as in French. Jaber's career is marked by a diverse array of international theatre productions, showcasing her versatility in both English and French. 
More recently, she co-conceived and acted in the monologue Oh my sweet Land*.
In addition to her performances, Jaber has made significant contributions to theatre in Afghanistan, collaborating with local actors in Kabul on Shakespearean works. 
Jaber's creative talents extend beyond the stage; she has ventured into filmmaking with her play The Bus That Didn't Stop On the Partition of India, which she produced and directed. Her latest theatrical endeavour, Munich Medea: Happy Family, recently premiered in New York, further solidifying her status as a multifaceted artist.

*Oh my sweet Land will play at Göteborgs Stadsteater the 26th and 27th of August at this years ‘Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival’ (so it’s available to see in Gothenburg the days before the workshop).

Foto: Pascal Roy

Skriv ut
28 aug 2024

Kl. 10.00-16.00 på Folkteatern Göteborg

Workshop leader
Corinne Jaber
Professionella skådespelare, dramatiker, regissörer och dramaturger
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Antal platser
15 st
Folkteatern Göteborg
Olof Palmes plats 5
413 04 Göteborg
Karta (nytt fönster)
Ansök senast
31 jul 2024

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