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A lecture in the art of pitching your project or ideas

Kulturakademin in cooperation with Film i Skåne, Alma Manusutbildning, BoostHBG, Filmcentrum Syd, Teatercentrum Södra, Danscentrum Syd, Musikcentrum Syd


“Pitching an idea or a concept to decision-makers is a nerve-wrecking process to some people – and a walk in the park for others. Notwithstanding lack or richness in personal skills everyone can learn to create a better pitch and increase the chance of pitching successfully.
The lecture is focusing on the ingredients for a strong, convincing pitch, understanding the importance of concise preparation and then enjoying it!

The session is meant to understand the importance of a good, consistent and yet brief technique of communication that enables to present a project in a few words and yet, never forgetting the intention to sell to the listener.

Communication skills are by far the most forgotten aspect of the selling process. It is not just a question of a good marketing mix. It deals with two main elements:

•RESEARCH AND PREPARATION, before approaching any type of buyers

•Then, LEARN HOW TO PITCH with clarity, consistency and persuasion”

Sibylle Kurz



14.30 – 15.00 Registration
15.00 – 17.00 PITCH IT! A lecture with Sibylle Kurz
17.00 – 19.00 Time for networking in the lobby with coffee and tea



Sibylle Kurz

Sibylle Kurz is an expert in Pitching and Communication Skills, a Communication Coach and a merchant and psychologist by training. She has working experience in the music and event business as well as in film licensing, acquisition and distribution for the German film- and television market. Additionally she has an academic background in media- and communication science, sociology and psychology and a postgraduate education as communication skills trainer and Certified NLP-Trainer (INLPTAssociational standards). Since 1994 she freelances as a coach and communication trainer for the media-, arts- & culture industries, with specializing expertise in “The Art Of Pitching”. The sector “Arts & Culture” includes artists, painters, musicians and composers, anyone who is trying to position his idea/concept in the “cultural market” making it accessible to audiences.

Sibylle is a member of the EFA – European Film Academy, the EDN – European Documentary Network and constant part of the EAVE-pedagogical team.

Her motto: Say what you think, do what you say, be what you do!


·         Pitch It! – Die Kunst, Filmprojekte erfolgreich zu verkaufen (3rd revised edition March 2015)

·         Low-Budget-Filme. Vertrieb und Marketing optimieren. Konstanz, UVK, April 2006 

·         Filmlehren. Ein undogmatischer Leitfaden für Studierende. Collection of articles.  2013 Beltz + Fischer

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10 jun 2018
14.30-17.00 with subsequent networking ca 17.00-19.00
Sibylle Kurz
Everyone interested in presentation techniques and pitch!
Limited number of seats! (secure your seat by signing up as soon as possible) No withdrawal is made for this activity, all you need to do is to sign up as soon as possible. Föreläsningen samfinansieras av Kulturakademin, Film i Skåne, Boost HBG, Alma Manusutbildning, Filmcentrum Syd, Teatercentrum Södra, Danscentrum Syd och Musikcentrum Syd.
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Friisgatan 19D
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07 jun 2018

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